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Ali Rahmani

Ali Rahmani was born in 2006 in Tehran, Iran, into a family that would later become known for their unwavering commitment to human rights and activism. His early years in Tehran were marked by the activism of his parents, Narges Mohammadi nobel peace prize winner of 2023 and Taghi Rahmani political activist and human rights defender. As a young child, Ali witnessed the challenges and sacrifices his family faced due to their courageous stand for justice in a politically charged environment. At the age of 8, Ali’s life took a significant turn when, alongside his sister Kiana Rahmani, he was forced to leave Iran. The constant arrests of his parents and the risks associated with their activism compelled the family to seek refuge in exile. Ali found himself far from his homeland, settling in Paris, with her twin sister Kiana where his father continued his human rights advocacy while in exile. Despite the physical distance, Ali remains deeply connected to the cause that defines his family’s legacy. Living in Paris as a young human rights activist, Ali continues to carry the torch of justice, inspired by the resilience and dedication demonstrated by his parents. The story of Ali Rahmani is one of a young individual shaped by the complexities of activism and exile, navigating the challenges of growing up in the pursuit of a more just world.

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Participating on these events

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