About the Event

WEXFO Youth has been established to develop a platform for cooperation, coordination, and dissemination where organizations and activists working on shared issues concerning youth and freedom of expression can meet, exchange experiences, and learn from each other.

In the first WEXFO Youth Network Conference, we will discuss how we best can develop a global network and have regular partner network conferences. A part of this can be to establish a project database where we will invite everybody engaged in this work to share information and experience. Participants will be invited to present their projects at the conference, on the main stage, and in workshops.



 You can also join the World Expression Forum Monday  22. and Tuesday 23. This will also give you the possibility of attending the first “WEXFO Youth Festival of Freedom of Expression” which opens for 500 participants in the age group 14-17 years old on Tuesday, May 23.  Register for WEXFO 2023 and secure a room at the conference hotel


The mission of World Expression Forum is to unite defenders of freedom of expression in a strong and active global community. As a catalyst for change, we aspire to give new generations the power, freedom, and safety to express themselves.

Wexfo aims to increase young people’s participation in democracy through the sharing of knowledge about the challenges and successful measures that can be taken. WEXFO wants to inspire to start new projects and share best practices and help to ensure that action is taken.

WEXFO will:


  • be an inspiration internationally, nationally, and locally.
  • be a hub, the central international meeting place for everyone who is concerned with freedom of expression.
  • influence developments through reports and projects, discussions in the Forum and summary afterwards.
  • share experiences, but especially search for best practices for improvement.
  • seek cooperation with others to develop offers of Forum gatherings elsewhere as well.
  • participate in developing the local cooperation in the region on freedom of expression, with
    institutions such as the Norwegian Festival of Litterature , Lillehammer UNESCO City of Litterature and ICORN.
  • reflect diversity in the work and in the organization.

WEXFO was established as an ideal joint stock company on August 20th2021.

The World Expression Forum takes place annually in Lillehammer, Norway, in May/June. Norway ranks highly on Freedom of Expression indexes. The town of Lillehammer is a UNESCO City of Literature, an ICORN city of refuge for artists at risk and host of the biggest literature festival in Scandinavia. The city, the region (Innlandet) and the country are committed to supporting freedom of expression around the world.

WEXFO wants to inspire progress at all three levels: local, national, and international.