20.-23.05. 2023

WEXFO Youth, Utøya (WYU) will be arranged for the first time in May 2023. Target group 18-30 years. In cooperation with Utøya AS, it will start as a gathering on the island on 19-21 May 2023 and continue at WEXFO in Lillehammer 22-23 May

We will invite 30-50 young voices from all over the world for a pilot study. We plan to scale-up from 2024 to 100 participants. WYU will gather young innovators, activists, and community leaders to highlight how young people locally and globally fight for freedom of expression.

Utøya – a place for commemoration, learning and engagement 

22. July 2011 Utøya became the scene of the worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history. A far-right terrorist attacked AUF’s summer camp, and many were killed. Today Utøya is an open, accessible and inclusive arena for engaging, learning and remembering. 

How they have enabled new life is what impressed me the most at Utøya. It's so human, it's so sincere, it's so truthful.

Oleksandra Matviichuk, Human rights lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize laureate 2022 and speaker at Wexfo 2022 .