About the event

Join us as we welcome organizations working with youth and freedom of expression, researchers, schools, universities, libraries, content providers, reading promotion organizations, and more to be part of the WEXFO Youth Network Conference.

As an element of our WEXFO youth program, the WEXFO Youth Network Conference is the place be for organizations and activists working with youth and freedom of expression. Our aim with the conference is to provide a platform for cooperation, coordination, and knowledge dissemination, facilitating exchanges and shared experiences addressing challenges faced by youth with expressing themselves freely. Participants will be able to network and make new contacts for possible future cooperation.

We believe in empowering young people in society by sharing of knowledge about the challenges they face and successful measures that can be taken. Our goal is to inspire to start new projects and share best practices and help to ensure that action is taken.

The WEXFO Youth Network Conference will cover a diverse range of topics related to youth and freedom of expression, including current challenges, successful initiatives, and emerging trends. The conference will feature workshops, panel discussions, and dedicated networking sessions. We will also invite prominent speakers and field experts to share their insights and experiences.

The WEXFO Youth Network Conference is scheduled the day after WEXFO’s main congress and will be an important extension of this event.

We will shortly reveal the exciting program for WEXFO Youth Network Conference 2024.

World Expression Forum will:


  • be an inspiration internationally, nationally, and locally.
  • be a hub, the central international meeting place for everyone who is concerned with freedom of expression.
  • influence developments through reports and projects, discussions in the Forum and summary afterwards.
  • share experiences, but especially search for best practices for improvement.
  • seek cooperation with others to develop offers of Forum gatherings elsewhere as well.
  • participate in developing the local cooperation in the region on freedom of expression, with
    institutions such as the Norwegian Festival of Literature , Lillehammer UNESCO City of Literature and ICORN.
  • reflect diversity in the work and in the organization.

World Expression Forum (WEXFO) was established as an ideal joint stock company on 20 August 2021.

Norway is one of the countries in the world with the highest degree of freedom of expression, according to Freedom of Expression Index (Our World in Data). Lillehammer is a UNESCO City of Literature, an ICORN city of refuge for artists at risk, and is the host of the biggest literature festival in Scandinavia. Both the city, the region (Innlandet) and Norway as a country are committed to supporting freedom of expression around the world.

WEXFO wants to inspire progress for freedom of expression on all levels of society – internationally, nationally and locally.