May 23, 2023

In this workshop, we will focus on how freedom of expression and access to information can be used to fight “bad speech”, whether to counter disinformation, propaganda or hate speech. Speaking back, rather than limiting, censoring and stopping speech. As individuals, our intuitive response of hate and threats, will often be: fight, flight or freeze. However, by becoming conscious about our fears and through cooperation and mutual support, other strategies can be realized. We will facilitate a conversation on successful campaigns and initiatives where people have encountered hate and disinformation with arguments and discussions, rather than shouting out for control and censorship.

Jacob Mchangama, Director of Justitia think-tank and The Future of Free Speech Collaboration

Joakim Lie, Project leader at the Fritt Ord Foundation

A Justitia/Future of Free Speech and the Fritt Ord Foundation side-event at WEXFO 2023.

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