WEXFO 2024


Hosts: Sigrid Sollund and Espen Aas (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Global Free Speech Recession – and How to Fight It?


Freedom of Expression on Trial: Can We Rebuild Trust?

Scandic Lillehammer Hotel
Musical Performance

Åsmund Reistad, Ghawgha, Knut Nesheim

Musical performance by singer Ghawgha accompanied by Åsmund Reistad and Knut Nesheim.
Opening Ceremony

Mads Nygaard, Espen Aas, Sigrid Sollund

Moderators Sigrid Sollund and Espen Aas with young voices, Chairman of WEXFO, Mads Nygaard.
The Crisis of Trust in the Middle East

Noam Shouster Eliassi

Keynote speech by comedian and activist Noam Shuster Eliassi, who has worked her whole life to raise.....
The Status of Freedom of Expression in 2024

Staffan Lindberg

Keynote speech by researcher and political scientist Staffan Lindberg from the Varieties of.....
The Crisis of Trust – How to Fight It?

Arizza Nocum, Khaled Harara, Arvinn Gadgil, Laurie Halse Anderson

Panel discussion with Arizza Nocum (Kris for Peace), youth activist Khaled Harara, Arvinn Gadgill.....

Will AI Be Our Censorship Overlord or the Defender of Freedom of Expression?

Scandic Lillehammer Hotel
AI and Piracy – the Copyright Discussion

Peter Schoppert

Spotlight speech by publisher and technology entrepreneur Peter Schoppert, Director of NUS Press. AI.....
AI and the Impact on Freedom of Expression

Sam Gregory

Keynote speech by human rights advocate and technologist Sam Gregory on AI and its impact on freedom.....
How is the Work with EU Regulations Going?

Svenja Hahn, Espen Aas

On-screen interview with EU Parliamentarian Svenja Hahn about the work on the EU AI Act – the.....
AI – Threat or Tool for Freedom of Expression?

Adele Matheson Mestad, Sam Gregory, Nataliia Romanyshyn, Zubair Junjunia, Pål Nedregotten

Panel discussion featuring Sam Gregory (WITNESS), Adele Matheson Mestad (Norwegian National Human.....


Scandic Lillehammer Hotel

Breakout Sessions and Workshops: How to Fight the Global Free Speech Recession?

Scandic Lillehammer Hotel
14:00 - 16:30
The Israel-Gaza Crisis – How to Secure Freedom of Expression?

Irene Khan, Yama Wolasmal, Meron Mendel, Jakob Nielsen

This crisis has affected the Freedom of Expression situation all around the world. Journalist and.....
14:00 - 16:30
Narratives Used as Weapon for Autocrats and War Leaders – Can They Also Be Our Strongest Defense?

Vladyslav Troitskyi, Naw Betty Han, Veslemøy Østrem, Kristoffer Rønneberg, Arne Jensen

Before starting a war, you need to win the narrative. In war the propaganda is a key weapon. That´s.....
14:00 - 16:30
Navigating the Pressures: Protecting Artistic Freedom in a Complex Landscape

Peter Ter Velde, Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen, Aaiún Nin, Maria Rosario Soraide, Laila Bokhari

Artists often find themselves balancing the realms of art and activism. The assertion of personal or.....

Art and Culture

Scandic Lillehammer Hotel
Art and Culture

Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen, Hanna Komar, Aaiún Nin, Khaled Emam,

Artistic performances by Sami artist and activist Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen and poets and WEXFO.....


Scandic Lillehammer Hotel

Hans Olav Sundfør, Karine Pansa, Tetyana Teren, Kristenn Einarsson

All speakers and participants are invited to a communal dinner in the main restaurant at the.....