WEXFO 2024


The Global Free Speech Recession – and How to Fight It?

The full WEXFO 2024 conference program and list of speakers will be announced closer to the conference dates

The program will include presentations and discussions on topics such as:

  • Freedom of expression – what is the status globally and how to fight the crises of trust?
  • AI – threat or tool for freedom of expression?
  • Burning religious symbols – expression or vandalism?
  • Pillars of trust in electoral processes
  • Securing access to information
  • The global free speech recession – and how to fight it

The 2024 conference provides great opportunities for in-depth studies and discussions. The entire afternoon of the first conference day is set aside for breakout sessions and workshops, with more space also for networking. There we will discuss:

  • The Israel-Hamas war – how to secure the freedom of expression?
  • Trust in media – how to build resilient journalism under threat?
  • How to protect artists’ freedom and rights? – threat, censorship and self-censorship
  • Publishing and access to information, books and ideas – how to advance the freedom to read?
  • Fact checking and open sources
  • The generation gap in freedom of expression
  • Investing in Tech, but forgot about freedom of expression