WEXFO 2025

2-3 June

Lillehammer, Norway

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12 MNOK to WEXFO from Sparebankstiftelsen DNB

Sparebankstiftelsen DNB has announced that the foundation will provide 12 million NOK in support for WEXFO Youth from 2025 to 2028.

WEXFO 2024: The Global Free Speech Recession – and How to Fight It?

“This year’s World Expression Forum will be the most significant so far. Freedom of expression is under threat from various quarters, and conflict levels are rising in many places around the world, including Europe. War, conflict, the rise of artificial intelligence, and increased polarization and disinformation contribute to a more challenging climate for debate. Access to free information and literature is restricted for many. The world is facing a crisis of trust between people, authorities, and the media. Freedom of expression is the key to regaining trust and strengthening the development of democracy.” – Kristenn Einarsson, Managing Director of WEXFO.

At our third annual conference, we are again honoured and excited to have a number of high-esteemed speakers, who will comment on the overall question: «The Global Free Speech Recession – and How to Fight It?”

The 2024 conference provides great opportunities for in-depth studies and discussions. The entire afternoon of the first conference day is set aside for breakout sessions and workshops, with more space also for networking.

WEXFO Youth will also be an important part of the event. Through different youth programs, more than 110 participants in the age group 18-33 years will attend the congress. More than 1,000 youngsters in the age group 13-18 years will attend the WEXO Youth Voices program, arranged in parallel with the WEXFO conference. On 29 May, the second WEXFO Youth Network Conference will take place at the same location.


“World Expression Forum is the most interesting place to be for everyone who is interested in freedom of expression”

Anette Trettebergstuen 
Former Minister of Culture and Equality

Vision: World Expression Forum will empower and defend the freedom of expression as an absolute precondition for democracy and human progress.

Mission: World Expression Forum unites defenders of freedom of expression in a strong and active global community. As a catalyst for change, we aspire to give new generations the power, the freedom and the safety to express themselves.


Lillehammer – our conference city

WEXFO takes place annually in Lillehammer, Norway, in May/June. Norway is one of the countries in the world with the highest degree of freedom of expression, according to Freedom of expression index (Our World in Data). Lillehammer is a UNESCO City of Literature, an ICORN city of refuge for artists at risk, and is the host of the biggest literature festival in Scandinavia. Both the city, the region (Innlandet) and Norway as a country are committed to supporting freedom of expression around the world.

We all carry a responsibility to make sure that the right to freedom of expression is upheld. Freedom of expression comes with both rights and responsibilities. This is a constant investment in the democratic fabric of our societies.

Laila Bokhari, academic, diplomat and politician