Woman, Life, Freedom – Iran Speaks Out

Masud Gharahkhani, President of the Parlament of Norway, Fatemeh Ekhtesari, Author, Forouzan Jamshidnejad, Actor.

May 22, 2023

Huge protests broke out in Iran after the killing of Mahsa Amini. How have the protests become so large and enduring; what have they achieved, and what can the outside world do to promote freedom of expression and democracy in Iran?

Fatemeh Ekhtesari

Fatemeh Ekhtesari is the current City of Refuge writer in Lillehammer. She is an iranien poet, midwife and activist and influencer. She has marked herself as o...

Forouzan Jamshidnejad

Forouzan Jamshidnejad is a Norwegian-Iranian actor. She plays in Ali Abbasi's Holy Spider. Forouzan started with acting as a five-year-old and has been in seve...

Masud Gharahkhani

Masud is a Norwegian politician who has served as the President of the Storting since 2021, and as an Member of the Storting for Buskerud since 2017 for the La...