Program overview 2023


  • Six main topics to enhance the will to empower and defend the freedom of expression as an absolute precondition for democracy and human progress.
  • You can choose between several targeted side-events and workshops.
  • Participate in the opening of the first WEXFO Youth Freedom of Expression Festival for the age group 14-17 years.
  • Engage in the WEXFO Youth, Utøya program.
  • Join WEXFO Youth partner conference.

Get the most of your stay!

The congress starts Monday morning, May 22nd. If you arrive on Sunday, you can join us at Utøya. Meet the participants of the WEXFO Youth, Utøya-program and learn about the work for Youth and Freedom of Expression at Utøya.
You can book your Utøya-trip now!


If you stay on to Wednesday May 24th, you can join our partner conference on Youth and Freedom of Expression, participate in other side-event and take part in the Norwegian Festival of Literature that opens Tuesday evening.
You can select side-events and workshops on Tuesday morning and on Wednesday at a later stage.
Are you interested in our Partner Conference on Youth and Freedom of Expression, please sign up for further information.



World Expression Forum May 22nd and 23rd


Global status of Freedom of Expression in 2023

In this introductory session, we will highlight some of the main developments affecting Freedom of Expression globally – on the ground, in technology, in the arts, and in politics.


Money talks! Imbalance of power and freedom of expression

Inequality of access to the public sphere is an issue resembling, and often related to, economic inequality and imbalance of power. In this session investors, decision-makers, and representatives of affected communities around the world will discuss what tools we have to address and change this.


Ideology, religion, and free speech

Populists and autocrats promote narratives that seek to exploit religion, ideology, and «traditional values» in order to marginalize large groups in society and stifle freedom of expression. In this session, we will ask how we can align freedom of belief, and ideological diversity, while at the same time safeguarding freedom of expression.


WEXFO Youth: What really matters

Rapid technological developments collide with a sometimes stagnant political culture creating a global generation gap with regard to freedom of expression. WEXFO Youth raises the concerns and ideas of young people globally, and our fifth session will be devoted to their input.


The planned destruction of democracies

Around the world, autocrats are busy limiting freedom of expression. They often use the same laws, algorithms, and regulations made for protecting and strengthening democratic institutions. What are the counter strategies?


What is the Future of Freedom of Expression?