Live at Lillehammer, Norway


WEXFO Youth Lillehammer (WYL) is an event about freedom of expression where youth can learn, discuss and express themselves through workshops, activities, and panel talks.

WYL will be arranged for the first time in May 2023.

Lillehammer – our conference city

The World Expression Forum takes place annually in Lillehammer, Norway, in May/June. Norway ranks highly on Freedom of Expression indexes. The town of Lillehammer is a UNESCO City of Literature, an ICORN city of refuge for artists at risk and host of the biggest literature festival in Scandinavia. The city, the region (Innlandet) and the country are committed to supporting freedom of expression around the world.

It is important that everyone listens to the youth, because if you don’t you discourage us from taking part and engaging. Even though we don’t know everything, neither do you.

Snorre Fostervoll, Student and member of WEXFO Youths work committe.