The aim of the World Expression Forum conference is to provide participants and listeners, including audiences online, with tools and ideas on how to promote freedom of expression. This will be pursued through the exploration of four main themes.

The conference will consist of keynote speeches, panel discussions and spotlight sessions. We will discuss strategies to promote and defend Freedom of Expression in workshops. There will also be artistic interventions, including film, dance, and other modes of expression.

Throughout the conference, we will address these four main themes:

Freedom of Expression around the World

The current state of Freedom of Expression – where is the progress, and what can be learned?

The role of state and politics

How do we combat growing authoritarianism and anti-liberal tendencies in democracies? Do these two major global threats have different or the same counter strategies?

Technology and regulations

What are the best solutions?

Hate speech

How do we deal with hate speech? Is it possible obtain an inclusive public debate without censoring voices we do not like?

Speakers and more of the agenda for World Expression Forum 2022 will launch soon.

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The agenda for WEXFO 2022 will launch soon