Youth’s Participation in Society

Wexfo aims to increase young people’s participation in democracy through the sharing of knowledge about the challenges and successful measures that can be taken. WEXFO wants to inspire to start new projects and share best practices and help to ensure that action is taken. In the YPiS-project we use the description of the challenges and proposed measures that came in the report from the Youth Free Speech Council in 2020.


Youth’s Participation in Society (YPiS) is the first major project initiated by WEXFO. A pre-project report was launched on March 15th 2023.


The pre-project consised of several initiatives:

Report on “Youth’s participation in society – examples of initiatives implemented to improve participation” done by Eastern Norway Research Institute (ENRI) on behalf of WEXFO.

Pilot project on developing tools for the work on freedom of expression in schools, libraries and other places. Read more about the pilot here. (Norwegian)

Developed WEXFO Youth, Lillehammer, Freedom of Expression activity that will be launched in May at WEXFO 2023 for the age group 14-18 years. Read more about WEXFO Youth, Lillehammer, Freedom of Expression Festival

Developed WEXFO Youth, Young Experts Seminar Utøya in cooperation with Utøya A/S for the age group 18-35 years). this will also be launched at WEXFO 2023. –   Read more about WEXFO Youth, Utøya

WEXFO Youth Network Conference. The first global conference will be aranged on Wednesday May 24th in Lillehammer.

There is a three-year plan to continue the YPiS-project from 1.4.2023.




Amandusfestivalen, Deichmann, Dembra (Demokratisk beredskap mot rasisme og antisemittisme) og Nansen Fredssenter
Det Europeiske Wergelandsenteret    
Fundatum, Herman Wildenveys barndomshjem, Kavlifondet, Kulturhjerte, Lillehammer kommune og skolene
Lærerutdanningen Høgskolen i Innlandet (HINN) Menneskerettighetsakademiet, Museene i Akershus, Nansenskolen og folkehøyskolenettverket,
Nobels Fredssenter                      
Norge i 1000 år – Ungdommens Hærpil         
Norsk Litteraturfestival                                                               
Nynorsk kultursentrum/Vinjesenteret                                   
Oslo Museum/Interkulturelt museum på Grønland
Oslo Science City
Randsfjordmuseet og Valdresmusea                           
SoCentral, Universitet i Oslo              
Ungdomsrådet Lillehammer, Utøya A/S
Wergelands Hus/Norsk Folkemuseum



Universitet i Oslo and Østlandsforskning


Working group

Anne Cathrine Gotaas, TV2 Skole,
Veslemøy Rysstad, Mediebedriftenes Landsforening
Joakim Lie, Fritt Ord
Trond Johnsen, Skolesjef i Lillehammer kommune
Sverre Henmo, Aschehoug
Fredrik Pharo, Cappelen Damm
Maja Marcussen, Norli
Snorre Fostervoll, elev


Organizing Committee WEXFO Youth, Lillehammer

Snorre Fostervoll
Sigrid Sørenes Velure
Robin Haugfjell
Isak Putes, Sunde
Darin Abroush, Arroush
Alexander Jordet
Sne Bergh Blyverket
Åsmund Nordby
Joshua Nyhus
Ingeborg Amine Eriksen Lønne
Erik Elmeri Helkala Kalstad
Helave Saif Eddine, Hajirashid
Selma Gjendine Østerbø
Zahraa Al-azzawi


Youth’s Participation in Society is funded by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Erasmus+.