Aya Amead

Aya Amead is a veteran media professional, who started her career as one of the first females to present an English radio show during the Libyan uprising in 2011.

Throughout the years, she held several positions mostly with the focus on local media development, ensuring female and youth representation on the screen, and content production.

Aya is now a Co- founder of Ijaz media solutions. A company specialises in media production, and digital content creation. Ijaz produces and owns a popular talk show “Ala Bayad” on social media.

Aya has engaged in a variety of communication roles, and participated in a number of local and international media events. She is also a founding member of 1Libya, a non-profit media organisation, and a keynote speaker at “the Hague talks”.

Participating on these events
Participating on these events

This is a long title about something very important – a speech about free speech

When: Tuesday april 5th, 13:00–15:00
Language: English