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Karine Pansa

With nearly thirty years of experience in the publishing industry, Karine Pansa is talented professional who has made a significant impact on the field. She currently serves as the owner and Publishing Director of Girassol Brasil, a premier children’s book publisher located in São Paulo, Brazil. Karine’s career in publishing includes her tenure as President of the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) for two terms. During her time in this position, Karine was instrumental in driving the growth of the Brazilian publishing industry, and her visionary leadership was critical to the success of the organization. At present, Karine Pansa is an esteemed member of the Board of Directors for International Projects at CBL, where she is dedicated to building a robust international presence for the Brazilian book industry. Through this role, she seeks to promote Brazilian authors and literature on the global stage and foster cultural exchange and understanding. Since January 2023, Karine Pansa was elected as the President-elect of the International Publishers Association (IPA), the world’s largest federation of national, regional, and specialist publishers’ associations. As an NGO, IPA is committed to promoting and defending freedom to publish, which is a fundamental aspect of the human right to freedom of expression. Karine’s appointment to this prestigious role is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the values of the publishing industry. In addition to advocating for freedom to publish, IPA also champions the cause of literacy, reading, and sustainability in publishing worldwide. With Karine at the helm, the IPA is poised to make an even greater impact on the publishing industry and to advance the interests of publishers around the world.

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Participating on these events

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