How Do Young People Think the Challenges to Freedom of Expression Should be Addressed?

Vivian Haverstadløkken, Line Thostrup, John Steinmark

May 30, 2022

Presentation of a project that will be scaled globally. This year, Wexfo are doing pilot projects under the auspices of Pegasus and the Norwegian festival of Litterature in the secondary schools in the Lillehammer area.In the pilot studies, we ask young people themselves what they think about the challenges and measures to be taken to ensure that youth will participate in the democratic processes and discussions. Meet producer Vivian Haverstadsløkken, Line Tholstrup from Eastern Norway reaserch institute and a panel of participants from the pilots: Bjørnar Rud Sletten, Selma Gjendine Østerbø and Snorre Fostervoll. Moderator: John Steinmark.

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