May 23, 2023

An interactive workshop for publishers looking at specific cases that have challenged the freedom to publish and how the sector has responded. The workshop will then identify the range of challenges and how such cases can be tackled better.

From libel and defamation laws to the de-facto nationalization of certain types of publishing, via social media pressure, the challenges to the freedom to publish are multiple and growing. But publishers and their associations are not standing still and are working to improve legislation, raise awareness and

Representatives of publishers associations from Canada, France, Germany, Georgia, Norway and the UK will deliver quick-fire presentations outlining their national context and their work to promote freedom of expression and fight restrictions to the freedom to publish.

The workshop will then drill down on three aspects: Pressure on Publishers, Platforms for discussion and Awareness Raising to identify national and international approaches to different types of challenge. What partnerships can help? Where is international cooperation helpful?

James Taylor, Director of Communications and Freedom to Publish at the International Publishers Association.

The International Publishers Association organized WEXFO 2023 Side Event

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