Workshop: How to engage with Russia?

Jon Peder Egenæs, Kira Yarmysh

May 31, 2022

The war in Ukraine demands a response. But should Russia be completely isolated or should outside actors identify and reach out to those in Russia that still oppose the war.

The Russian government has curtailed Freedom of Expression in sophisticated ways over many years. The war in Ukraine has resulted in increased isolation of Russia, and the silencing of most of the critical voices. Behind the new digital iron curtain, as it were, the Russian government tries to create a parallel reality to further its war aims. What was a crisis is now a Freedom of Exprssion-catastrophe, with grave implications for Russia and the world.

Moderator: Jon Peder Egenæs
Introductory remarks: Kira Yarmysh

Jon Peder Egenæs

John Peder Egenæs is Secretary General of Amnesty International in Norway. He has worked in Amnesty since 1990, and been Secretary General since 2007....

Kira Yarmysh

Kira Yarmysh (b. 1989) is educated at the prestigious MGIMO diplomatic school in Moscow. She worked in communications in the airline industry before becoming A...