Join us at Utøya on Sunday May 26 2024


The island

On 22. July 2011, Utøya became the site of the worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history. Today, Utøya is a remarkable example of young people’s response and resilience to terror. More than 10 000 young people come to Utøya every year to take part in educational programs, workshops, and summer camps.  


WEXFO Young Experts

On 24-26 May, a selected group of 75 young experts, practitioners, civil society leaders, and others involved in political activism, human rights, arts, media and technology will meet at Utøya. Here they will address the state of freedom of expression from a global youth perspective. We will have an inter-generational conversation on freedom of expression in today’s world with the young experts at Utøya, and look together on challenges and solutions going forward.

Program 26 May

10:45    Meet-up at track 19 at the bus terminal at Oslo S

11:00    Departure from track 19 at the bus terminal at Oslo S

12:00    Ferry to Utøya

12:15    A guided introduction to Utøya and its history

13:45    Lunch

14:30    Intergenerational dialogue on freedom of expression

16:00    Ferry from Utøya

16:15    Departure for Lillehammer