World Expression Forum is pleased to announce over 20 of the speakers at our conference in Lillehammer 27-28 May. Several are among the most sought-after experts in their respective fields.

Take advantage of our Very Early Bird discount offer expiring 15 February – register now to secure your spot and get insights from distinguished speakers like the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize winner’s husband, Taghi Rahmani, Charlie Hebdo editor Gérard Biard, investigative journalist Christo Grozev, Imam, lawyer and feminist Seyran Ates and Norwegian Minister of Culture and Equality, Lubna Jaffery.

The Global Free Speech Recession – and How to Fight It?

The conference will address crucial topics in plenary sessions on stage as well as several key breakout sessions and workshops.

Here is a sneak peek into some of what you can expect.

Plenary Sessions

Highlights include:

Status of Freedom of Expression

AI – Threat or Tool for Freedom of Expression?

Burning Religious Symbols – Expression or Vandalism?

Pillars of Trust in Electoral Processes

The Global Free Speech Recession – and How to Fight It?

  • Featuring Taghi Rahmani (political activist, journalist and writer), Irene Khan (UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression) and Lubna Jaffery (Norwegian Minister of Culture and Equality)
Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Highlights include:

Threat, Censorship or Self-censorship – How to Protect Artistic Freedom?

  • Featuring Peter Ter Velde (television reporter and Middle East correspondent)

Fact-checking and Open Sources

Access to Information, Book and Ideas – How to Advance the Freedom to Read?

  • Featuring Miha Kovac (former publisher, Professor at the Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies at the University of Ljubljana) and Anne Mangen (Professor of literacy at The Norwegian Reading Centre, University of Stavanger)

The Israel-Hamas War – How to Secure the Freedom of Expression

  • Featuring Yama Wolasmal (Middle East correspondent for Norwegian state broadcasting, NRK)

Trust in Media – How to Build Resilient Journalism under Threat?

The full program and list of speakers will be released closer to the conference dates.