Self-censorship in art

23 May 2023

09:30 – 10:50, Lillehammersalen 3


«Self-censorship and the fear creative artists can have of the ideological and political codes of behavior that are insisted upon within the liberal left».

Kate Pendry – British actress and playwright resident in Oslo.



The panel will be debating artistic freedom of expression in Norway starting with the questions: Could funding opportunities and economic incentives in the Norwegian art world lead to self-censorship and/or the favoring of politically motivated/instrumental art? How free are Norwegian artists in creating art which deals with controversial issues, like Norwegian fossil fuel policy etc.?

Ellisiv Lindkvist, chair of the Writer’s Guild of Norway
Samsaya Sampda Sharma, Artist and songwriter, vice chair of NOPA (Norwegian Songwriters’s Society), and Norwegian artist
Roar Hagen, Cartoonist in the newspaper VG

The panel will be moderated by the chair of the Norwegian Association of Camera based artists, Thale Blix Fastvold.


The panel is hosted by The Norwegian Artist Network (Kunstnernettverket)



Ellisiv Lindkvist

Ellisiv Lindkvist

Norwegian Author and Playwright. 

Her latest play Jo Blank (2022) explores entities like sex vs gender, body and sexuality. Lindkvist has also written and published seven books of fiction. Editor for the feminist magazine Fett, and newspaper columnist. Elected chair of Writer’s Guild of Norway since 2022.


Samsaya Sampda Sharma

Samsaya Sampda Sharma

Indian born, Norwegian artist. Singer – songwriter and composer.

Running her own label 3 millimeter since 2010. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry she has in recent years also been working for songwriters social and music rights. Samsaya is a certified diversity leader, Keychange ambassador, Vice chair of NOPA Norwegian songwriting society, and board member of MØST music network and Arts council Norway.

Roar Hagen

Roar Hagen

Norwegian Artist and Editorial Cartoonist. 

Since 1986 connected to Norway´s largest newspaper VG – Verdens Gang. The main activity is political comments but also theatre sketches, portraits and illustrations.

Supplying  CartoonArts International Syndicate with international cartoons on world topics. Giving access to the leading media worldwide. Member of  Cartooning for Peace in Paris.

Member of  Norwegian PEN.

Kate Pendry

Kate Pendry

Kate Pendry is a British actress and playwright resident in Oslo.

She is known for the red thread of social commentary and use of dark humour in her plays and performances. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Ibsen Award for playwriting in 2010 and the Independent Artist of the Year  award in 2022 (Norwegian Actors Union).

Her most recent play My Dinner With Putin – is based on the moral dilemma an actress experiences when offered a film role by a renowned Oscar winning film director who is also a close personal friend of Vladimir Putin. It is a true story.

Thale Blix Fastvold

Thale Blix Fastvold

Chair of the Norwegian Association of Camera-based artists.