23 May 2023

At WEXFO 2023 you have ten different workshops to choose between.


You can either choose this workshop that lasts for both sessions, or you can choose one of the workshops starting at 09:30 and another one starting at 11:05


09:30 – 12:30 Two Session Workshop

Freedom of Expression and the protection of artistic rights: Are we doing enough?

Freedom of Expression as a universal human right, a main pillar of democracy, and a prerequisite for artistic creativity are under threat in our world today …..

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09:30 – 10:50 Workshops Session 1

Is there a shrinking of civic spaces, and if so, is it a threat to democracy?

Civic space provides the framework in which people and groups can meaningfully participate in the political, economic, social, and cultural life of their societies, exercising the right to express views…

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Self-censorship in art

Self-censorship and the fear creative artists can have of the ideological and political codes of behaviour that are insisted upon within the liberal left”. Key-note speech by Kate Pendry, a British actress and playwright resident in Oslo, followed by a panel discussion.

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Supporting free and independent media in Ukraine: Lessons learned and the way forward

Ukraine’s goal is to develop in the direction of a stronger democracy with press freedom, free speech, and transparency. How can the international community best provide support to the country in war and for a future Ukraine with a stronger democratic framework? …..

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How to tackle the challenge to freedom to publish?

An interactive workshop for publishers looking at specific cases that have challenged the freedom to publish and how the sector has responded. The workshop will then identify the range of challenges and how such cases can be tackled better…

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11:05-12:30 Workshops Session 2


Confronting history

Two months prior to the full-scale attack on Ukraine, Russian authorities banned Memorial, the human rights group dedicated to the restoration of historical truth about Soviet crimes. The war against history laid the foundations for the real war against Ukraine. How can individuals, communities, and states come to terms with historical trauma and crimes?

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Fighting bad speech with better speech: From cliché to reality

In this workshop, we will focus on how freedom of expression and access to information can be used to fight “bad speech”, whether to counter disinformation, propaganda or hate speech. Speaking back, rather than limiting, censoring and stopping speech. As individuals, our intuitive response of hate and threats, will often be: fight, flight or freeze. However, by becoming conscious…

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AI – A threat to freedom of expression? 

Complex matters call for open discussions and dialogue. This workshop is a coming together of artists’ perspectives on how the use of artificial intelligence (AI) may (or may not) impact authors’, translators’ and illustrators’ freedom of expression in the literary realm…..

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In a World of Conflicts: Are Tech Companies strengthening or weakening the Freedom of Expression?

No matter the conflict or crisis – be it Ukraine, Myanmar, or COVID-19 – tech companies play a key role through the digital information infrastructures they provide. In this roundtable discussion, media leaders, civil society organizations and tech companies will discuss…..

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