The first World Expression Forum will address the situation world-wide on Freedom of Expression. What are the challenges? Where is the progress? What can we learn?

We will investigate two major global threats – how to combat growing authoritarianism and anti-liberal tendencies in democracies. Democracy has been on the decline worldwide, coinciding with a rise of populist politics. Many political leaders are leaning on narrow identity politics, rather than inclusiveness and tolerance, increasingly posing a threat to the preservation of a meaningful public debate. While in authoritarian states emphasis on “traditional values” is used to curb Freedom of expression.

What are the best solutions when it comes to technologies and regulations? What are the responsibilities of big tech and how can the global public hold them accountable?  A key question is how to deal with hate speech and how to obtain an inclusive public debate without censoring voices we do not like. Is freedom of expression for everyone? How does gender and diversity perspectives influence the risk of expression. How do young people think the challenges to Freedom of Expression should be addressed?

WEXFO aims to ensure and empower global free expression based on high level guidance, best practice and high-quality analysis. WEXFO will be a common arena for those with a firm belief in freedom of expression as a prerequisite for global sustainable development.

– Kristenn Einarsson, managing director of WEXFO