We invite you to join us at Utøya Sunday, May 29.

22. July 2011 Utøya became the scene of the worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history. A far-right terrorist attacked AUF’s summer camp, and many were killed. Today Utøya is an open, accessible and inclusive arena for engaging, learning and remembering. Utøya facilitates political engagement, debate and participation for Norwegian and international guests. Tens of thousands of youth come to the Utøya democracy centre every year to get the tools to create a better world.

This trip is open to a limited number of participants. Book your congress pass now to secure your spot as a participant.


11:30: Departure by bus from Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)

12:05: Oslo Central Station, pick up point

13:00: Arrival Utøya

13:00 – 14:30: Guided tour of Utøya

14:30-15:15: Lunch

15:15-16:00: Speech by Jørgen Frydnes (see info below)

16:00: Departure from Utøya

18:30: Arrival in Lillehammer


KR. 950,- per person.


  • Participation at Utøya
  • Round-trip transport
  • Lunch

Add the trip to your congress pass as an extra to join.

If you have already booked your congress pass, contact anne-thea@wexfo.no.

Jørgen Frydnes

Jørgen Frydnes

General Manager, Utøya

Jørgen Frydnes is a political scientist with a master’s degree in international politics. He has previously worked for eight years in Doctors Without Borders, followed by four years as chief financial officer of the organisation’s board of directors. He is a committee member of the Nobel Committee and sits on the board of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Jørgen has led the rebuilding of Utøya after the terrorist attack in 2011.