Saba-Nur Cheema

Saba-Nur Cheema, born in Frankfurt in 1987, is the daughter of Pakistani refugees. She studied political science, history and economics and has been working in several (international) educational programs on human rights, Anti-Muslim racism and Antisemitism. From 2015–2021, she was the Educational Director of the Anne Frank Educational Centre in Frankfurt and since 2020 a member of the German government’s Independent Expert Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred. Saba-Nur Cheema is a research fellow at Goethe University Frankfurt and focusing on Antisemitism in childhood. Together with Meron Mendel and Sina Arnold, she published the volume “Frenemies. Antisemitism, Racism and their Critics” (Verbrecher Verlag) in 2022.

Participating on these events
Participating on these events

This is a long title about something very important – a speech about free speech

When: Tuesday april 5th, 13:00–15:00
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