WEXFO Nansen Academy Dialogue Seminar will focus on dialogue as a tool in conflict situations. The seminar aims to make participants even more equipped in their own work.

By using dialogue as a method and establishing safe spaces for expression, more people will dare to express themselves, even on difficult topics. This is especially useful in situations that are perceived as locked.

Nominate candidates

World Expression Forum and Nansen Academy are now seeking participants for our Dialogue Seminar. This is a unique opportunity for young people aged 18-30 to participate in a 6-day seminar on dialogue and freedom of expression for free. Nominate someone from your organization who would enjoy participating and send the nomination to project manager hilde@wexfo.no.

Participation at WEXFO conferences included

The seminar will take place from May 23-27 at Nansen Academy in Lillehammer. It will conclude with free participation in the world congress WEXFO 2024 and WEXFO Youth Network Conference from May 27-29 at the Scandic Lillehammer Hotel.

Why participate in this seminar?
  • Learn more about dialogue as a tool in conflict situations.
  • Expand your network and connect with other young activists from around the world.
  • Participate in the world congress WEXFO 2024 with freedom of expression advocates from around the world and participate in debates and conversations.
  • Participate in the WEXFO Youth Network Conference, a unique arena that brings together organizations and activists working with youth and freedom of expression from around the world.
  • Join WEXFO’s alumni network for young activists.

Our team creating the project is led by Inspector Magne Ekker and Principal Signe Therese Strøm from Nansen Academy, along with Project Manager Hilde Fauskerud Hansen from WEXFO.

About Nansen Academy

Since 1938, Nansen Academy has worked against intolerance and to strengthen democracy, human dignity, and freedom of expression. The academy has for decades been a venue for religious dialogue and has extensive experience with dialogue work, among other things, in the Balkans. Today, Nansen Academy and the Nansen Peace Center collaborate and play on each other’s professional competence.

The seminar’s execution is dependent on securing external funding.