The schools, kindergartens and library of Lillehammer Kommune are collaborating with World Expression Forum and the Norwegian Festival of Literature to increase reading skills and the joy of reading among children in Lillehammer.

Recently, the group met to share experiences and insights and further plan its research-based, coordinated and long-term work for a reading boost for children (picture).

For several years, there has been a negative trend when it comes to reading among children and young people; tests show that Norwegian 10- and 15-year-olds read less proficiently than before, students score low on reading pleasure, and fewer and fewer parents read to their children.

However, the joint effort in Lillehammer is contributing to positive results. Students in Lillehammer are reading better now than they did a few years ago, and more children and young people are borrowing books from the library.

Reading is the key to knowledge and a prerequisite for democracy. Lillehammer kommune, the Norwegian festival of Literature and World Expression Forum look forward to continuing the work for Leseløft Lillehammer through, among other things, play-based approaches to reading, critical reflection, and focus on freedom of expression.